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PV Ribbon Rolling Machine

Standard PV Ribbon Rolling Machine-Single Rolling Type

Product Name : Standard PV Ribbon Rolling Machine-Single Rolling Type

Item No. : WC-1111


  • Produce PV Ribbon Wire
  • Principle:Makes the round wire process Rolling, Annealing, Cooling, and become to Flat copper wire.
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Equipment composition & Specicafition
  • The Machine including Pay-off, Rolling, Annealing, Take off.
  • Spec Pay off Rolling Annealing Take off Total
    Length 1130mm 1550mm 1760mm 900mm 5340mm
    Width 900mm 840mm 1200mm 1210mm Max1210mm
    Height 1160mm 1700mm 2250mm 1190mm Max2250mm
    Weight 120KG 780KG 1500KG 620KG 3020KG

  • Input Source:380V/3Ph;50/60MHz

A. Payoff 
  • AC motor  2.24KW
  • PLC
  • Linear wire potentiometer,auto tension pulley
B. Rolling 
  • Rolling Wheel /ψ106 mm
  • Water cooling equipment
  • Electric motor:
    AC motor  5.5KW
    Servo motor 400W
  • PLC
  • Laser scanners measure the width of the conductor
  • Automatically adjust the rolling wheel to stabilize the    conductor size
C. Annealing
  • Electric motor:AC motor  2.24KW
  • Annealing method:DC voltage output electrode wheel 
  • Annealing voltage: DC 25V 
  • Annealing current :500A 
  • Anneal protect method: Nitrogen
  • Radiator/Cooling water control
  • Auto tension pulley control
D. Take off
  • Electric :
    Servo motor 400W x 1
    Servo motor 750W x 1
  • PLC
  • Using plastic spool
  • Auto winding speed control (Constant speed.)